What is Espresso?

Most of people around the world love drinking coffee. The types of coffee beverages are so diverse that many people could not make exact lists of coffee available in the marketplace. Among many common coffee drinks, Espresso seems to be the most popular one, and also a romantic symbol of Italy country as well as Italians.

Espresso consists of concentrated or black strong coffee brewed with hot water under pressure through fine ground coffee. In comparison with other types of coffee, the density of solids and foam in Espresso is much thicker and condensed. If you are pay attention to this kind of coffee, you will realize that in most parts of North America and Europe, Espresso has the origin of Arabica bean. Some people use Robusta beans to get higher concentration of coffee, but actually such coffee is considered to be less flavors than the one made from Arabica beans.

To understand the reasons why Espresso becomes so famous today, turn back the time to early 20th century, in 1903 to see how Espresso was invented.

The invention of Espresso was based on an idea of how to brew coffee more quickly from an Italian businessman whose name was Luigi Bezzera. He was very good at mechanical knowledge, so he tried to find out methods to improve coffee brewing process through a coffee pot. Right after his experiment, he soon realized that to decrease the brewing process, steam pressure should be inserted into the machine. By this way, the coffee flavor would be additionally stronger; the top coffee bean qualities were preserved in the beverage, however in some ways over extraction was avoided.

Accordingly, the name “Fast coffee machine” was given by Bezzera to memorize his important invention. Interestingly, in Italian language, “espresso” implies “fast”, so now people can explain the existence of “espresso” name. Although Bezzerra was the inventor of Espresso, a businessman named Desidero Pavoni played an importance part in at first changing Italian’s style of coffee drinking, then promoting the popularity of espresso across the world. Bezzera was just an engineer, he was not good at marketing and selling the product, meanwhile a businessman could do it well. In 1905, Desidero Pavoni gained Bezzara’s acceptance for selling his machine’s rights and got patent for the machine. He advertised it under the name Café Espresso – La Pavoni” by adding many photos, most of Italian people knew espresso and La Pavoni.

We are now living in the early of 21st century, over one hundred years, espresso have been spreading its appearance not only in Italy but also many other countries. You don’t need to go to Italy to drink cups of espresso, since espresso beverage has been offered worldwide; one of the most famous brand names is Starbucks.

Now you know the history of Espresso and its fabulous flavor, if you intend to make your own espresso coffee cup, you should remember the most important point is that the pressure of brewer must be set between 9 and 18 bars.  Belong to different kinds of espresso machine, you will have various ways to make it, so you need to read the manual or instructions before starting your coffee sipping.

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